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3/25/2022 7:06 pm  #1

OurEarthNews.com---> Graphene-based human-life is the Next Big Thing

Rick says-- I have not been posting much here during March 2022... as we approach 2 years into the Scamdemic... and a year into the vax-poison injections... The overall MSM have been running the Russia-Ukraine conflict 24/7 with not much of anything else. The covid19 scam has eased off a bit but is still showing signs of running in the background. The big thing about vaxxines that I became aware of a year ago is the Graphene Oxide in it... learned through Orwell.city... which is an amazing new substance discovered in 2004 and biologized (?) into an oxide in 2014... while I wasn't looking-- It's a wonder material and is possibly connected with a new AI-lifeform... OurEarthNews.com just connected some pop stars with Graphene Oxide "changelings".... right out of science fiction... As I follow this, the Ukraine "war" is, as all wars are, "bankers wars"... a struggle between USDollars and other currencies or cyber currency... and in the meantime.. we have an oncoming ice age in 2047... Just an incredible number of things to track... Here's the NewEarth article on GOx I find interesting


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