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3/25/2022 9:08 pm  #1

HanksSwank68-on-RumbleVIDEO-10min---> GrOx & Purple light demonic!

Rick says- a few years ago, I was paying some attention to "black goo" as a "far out" topic but the more I learn about graphene oxide and the predictive programming movies they're making, along with updated videos like the following, it may be that we're in a situation here. Graphene oxide is now seen as having an iron component-- which makes sense because it sucks the iron out of human blood-- and iron is critical to "carrying" oxygen. Well... 5G microwave resonates with oxygen as well... as derivitive topics re: Wuhan show. As well "antioxidants" like NAC and tart-red-cherry-extract can allay the effects of a GrOx injection called 'vaccine"-- which was redefined in 2019 to accomodate this new version. The vax gets touted as an mRNA injection but I think we're looking at GrOx as being as important as mRNA... Anyway, ANY energy sources activates the GrOx, even soundwaves. UV light is especially "delicious" to the GrOx-thing... whatever it is. It takes over people in a way resembling the stories of demonic possession...Nice horrifying little video here...


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