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3/29/2022 7:18 pm  #1

Russel&Hunter/AM550Phoenix4-7pm+Rick64---> Vax is "your choice"

Rick says... I've noted, over that past year, the second year of this "scam"-demic... that there are good critics of the mandates who then go on to say that they're not against people "having a choice". Russel and Hunter did this just now. The Healthy Habit owner presented me with that notion several months ago. These people have adopted and are promoting some sort of "limited hangout" in intel-lingo... IMO... because nobody is "fully informed" about the contents of the vaxxine-- which is not a vaccine. It's often a saline solution but many "lot numbers" are full of a variety of toxic compounds including mRNA genetic therapy and graphene oxide. The idea that people have a "right to free choice" in taking a "weaponized injection" is absurd because they're nievely taking it thinking its a traditional vaccine-- which have their own problems but are nothing like the current covid-vax.

Russel and Hunter are very very hard to listen to due to their back and forth non stop flippant chatter style. Sometimes I'm able to pick up an idea here and there but in between the numerous ads it's extremely annoying and difficult. When they start talking like The Chimpmunks about the vax being up-to-the-individual without talking about the side-effects, I just had to shut it off and irrelevent propaganda disguised as helpful commentary. This is part of the psyop going on right now.

Russel and Hunter were and are good at ridiculing mask mandates.

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