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5/06/2022 9:52 am  #1

CoastToCoast/Noori---> Preshow guest point to new variants but...

CoastToCoast/Noori---> Preshow guest point to new variants but... Noori countered with a quick reminder to build one's own immune system.

Rick says- I was awake for the preshow interviews last night and can't recall the name of the guest Noori had on regarding covid but that guest threw more tinders into the panic-firebox with warnings of another surge in "new cases". He cited the increased incidence of cases reported among politicians after the GridIron Dinner including the Sec of State who "tested positive". He called for vigilance and possible masks again.

Rick continues-- This is extremely retarded fear-mongering that has nothing to do with reality. I often like to PARSE the words and phrases used to prove it. For example, it turns out that local news as well as that guest last night use the phrase "tested positive". National figures are "testing positive". I've seen a few photos of a type of medical-stick that shows green or red bars for "testing positive" but the entire history of "testing positive" for "covid" is fraught with contradictions and lack of reasoning. I don't have time to lay this out right now but I might focus on this topic "testing positive" in my free time over the next few days when I find it.

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