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7/06/2022 5:08 pm  #1

GreenMedInfo--> W.H.O. says to skip trials for new vaxx... "$cience"

Rick says... Buffoons at W.H.O., a part of the U.N. that has helped create the Medical Dicatorship we now have from March 2020, now more than 2 years, do not want to have trials for new non-traditional Genetic Therapy "vaxxines"... many lot numbers having been laced with poisonous mRNA and graphene oxide and who knows what else. GreenMedInfo.com has been very good at exposing the U.N. Medical Coup... shutting down the world in Rockefeller Lockstep fashion through various avenues of power including big corporations and likely Freemasons, Main$treamMedia and much of AltMedia on the $tinkerNet. Their god-like omniscient coverage has been unbelievable to me. I thought I was safe as a piano instructor, but no-- they managed to shut down my piano studio too, which destroyed my planned career path, leaving my operation twisting in the wind. Here's a nice little exposee for today....


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