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12/17/2021 4:30 pm  #1

SaintJohnOfTheCross----> Life's hardships are soul-prep for afterlife.

Rick says-  I actually went ahead and got the complete works of st. John of the Cross where he does a complete soul-prep exercise for afterlife. Most of it is too dense to read easily-- but I pick up little clues here and there. I think the basic idea is that the current lifespan is training the soul--- our real spiritual personage-- for afterlife. There is merit in this thought because current lifespan, as I've argued for decades... is much to brief to make sense given the fact of its very existence. It's such a magnificent thing to be alive, given health and some level of sustenance... compared to NOT existing as was the case for all eternity, backwards in time-- that there must be something else going on here. This lifespan can't be all that there is.


7/17/2022 7:57 pm  #2

Re: SaintJohnOfTheCross----> Life's hardships are soul-prep for afterlife.

I'm currently rereading St. John of the Cross, Mike Perry's Forever For All and Doug Matzke's Deep Reality... favoring the combination of Matzke and St. John of the Cross... as a nice combination.

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7/17/2022 8:08 pm  #3

Re: SaintJohnOfTheCross----> Life's hardships are soul-prep for afterlife.

P. 241 Matzke- The brain is a specialized antenna. That's an incredible revelatory idea. I figured the HAIR was an antenna previous to this but it didn't occur to that the brain would be. Given the idea of the Connectome especially as reviewed by Sueng/Hayworth in cryonics literature, it now seems to me that the connectome, to be more precise, acts as a quantum antenna. Here are some search results on connectome + antenna

Connectome - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics
The connectome describes the comprehensive set of neuronal connections of a species' central nervous system. Identifying the network characteristics of the human macroscale connectome and comparing these features with connectomes of other species provides insight into the evolution of human brain connectivity and its role in brain function.

Here is Sueng/Hayworth's website

Connectome – The Brain Preservation Foundation
A connectome* is the complete map of the neural connections in a brain. It is sometimes referred to as a “wiring diagram” of the molecular connections between neurons, trading on the analogy of a brain to an electronic device, where axons and dendrites are wires and neuron bodies are components. Depending on the scientist, the term .

THere are no results for "connectome antenna", my coinage...


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7/17/2022 8:27 pm  #4

Re: SaintJohnOfTheCross----> Life's hardships are soul-prep for afterlife.

p. 242, Matzke.

search results - not researched by me yet-- just promising entries to look at

How is emotion explained in quantum physics? - Quora
Answer (1 of 5): I’ve been working on this for some time and in my experience, quantum physics has been the perfect model for emotion, especially the quantum chromodynamics (QCD) models which introduce the newer concepts of “color charge.” I would go so far as to say that emotion may be the quint...

Can Quantum Physics Hold the Key to Happiness? - Psychology Today
The quantum theory says we can have super positioned elements. The analogy becomes super positioned feelings: We have inside of us at the same time happiness, joy, sadness, anger, fear, disgust,... '

Human Consciousness and Quantum Physics: Why You Should Care
Quantum Mechanics is the study of the very small, invisible world that is impossible to see with the naked eye. It is the study of the subatomic realm, how objects behave, and their underlying nature. What has given quantum mechanics such an impossible reputation is that it once baffled scientists such as the great Albert Einstein.

Using Quantum Physics to Explain Human Cognition and Behavior - The ...
This explanation makes sense, but like many non-quantum explanations of the order effect, it’s “vague, general, and verbal,” Wang says. “Intuitively, it makes sense, of course,” she continues. “The..

The connection between quantum physics and spirituality according to ...
Buddhism has always stressed the same point: our emotions and thoughts define us and define the reality surrounding us. Universal connection In each of our atoms resides part of that stardust with which the Universe itself originated. Somehow, as the Dalai Lama tells us, we are all connected and are part of the same essence.

of Quantum Bit Physics - Matzke Family
This Source Science model proposes that thought is intimately connected to the hyperdimensional nature of informational protophysics, which is the transcendent quantum source of our universe and every "thing" in it and under it. Outline of this talk 1. Transcendent behaviors really do exist, …

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7/17/2022 8:37 pm  #5

Re: SaintJohnOfTheCross----> Life's hardships are soul-prep for afterlife.

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