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8/30/2022 7:13 pm  #1

GlobalResearch.ca----> Cyanide in Arizona air from CA fires late 2019

Rick says- I might be onto an explanation for some things I personally observed in late 2019... cyanide poison from dirty air from CA floating over Phoenix AZ.  This toxin was worldwide with more fires and this could have been one of the toxins covered up by a fake covid virus.


In the months leading up to 2020, the earth experienced a series of unprecedented wildfires from Australia to the Amazon and from Indonesia to California. In California alone, the wildfire season of 2019 destroyed more than 250,000 acres of land, along with 732 structures. All told, global wildfires in 2019 sent 7.8 billion metric tons of CO2 and carbon particulate into the stratosphere—the highest level of PM2.5 since 2002. Once in the stratosphere, the carbon particulate was able to travel thousands of kilometers from its source. Many cities around the globe, such as Canberra, Wuhan, New York, and Milan, experienced extremely low air quality as a result of the extremely high levels of PM2.5.

It turns out that one of the most toxic substances generated by the combustion of synthetics such as plastics, nylon, wool, and silk—combustion caused either by wildfires or by industrial chemical reactions—is cyanide. Specifically, hydrogen cyanide gas. Cyanide is a highly toxic agent that causes vascular hypoxia and even death if not treated properly.

Thus, as we entered “flu season” in the latter half of 2019 and the start of 2020, we had the perfect storm of toxicity circulating the globe. The abnormally high levels of PM2.5, in conjunction with high levels of industrial by-products like sulfur, mercury, arsenic, carbon, glyphosate, and cyanide, created ideal conditions for suppressing the innate immune system, especially in the frail and elderly, who are in many instances already dealing with serious underlying medical conditions.


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