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8/31/2022 4:37 pm  #1

MarkStein-on-Youtube--> Excess adult mortality associated with vax

Rick says- Mark Stein seems to have mentioned Ontario as his home now, I'll have to watch again. I'm from Ontario. He points out highest cause of death lately in Alberta is indeterminate. I've been noticing more and more articles over the past three months that point to SADS or SuddenAdultDeathSyndrome: Normal young middle age people are dying suddnely. The entire vax  which is not a vaccine in the traditional sense, are doled out by lot numbers and some lots are looking more poisonous than others. Alberta seems to have recieved very poisonous vax and someone pointed out that Alberta is most resistant to the federal government. If this is a biological warfare attack on anti-new-world-order areas of the country, then WWIII has been in progress since early 2020.


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