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10/17/2022 6:13 pm  #1

DougVogt---> Covid is/was cover for bank-crash/ice-age2047

DougVogt---> Covid is/was cover for bank-crash/ice-age2047
Rick says- According to research by Doug Vogt, the sun is a clock that super-novas every 12,600 years and it's due to explode, setting off a magnetic pole reversal and worldwide civilization destroying 500 foot tsunami and flood in 2047. I'll be 90. I thought ageing would be the likliest cause of mortal-death but if I extend my life to at least 90, or a bit more, it may be that the super-tsunami cycle will wipe me out. Cryonics will be wiped out too. I'm no longer signed up due to chain of events and reasoning I'll explain elsewhere. I'm currently banking on Doug Matzke's Deep Reality in which our brains are antennae that transcieve signals from our s0ul-spirit-self in the Quantum Realm so even if aging and the sun going super-nova get me on this physical plane, I'll be safely stored in the Quantum State, way way beyond cryonics. I've dropped a line to Mike Perry on this matter. Here's Doug Vogt on the coming super-nova. It's about a 30 minute video. I've viewed it several times and still have not absorbed it-- it's heavy.


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