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4/28/2024 9:22 am  #1

Robert Malone---> Overview of the fallout from scamdemic & solutions

In Praise of Nationalism and the Diversity of Nations
Robert W Malone MD from "Who is Robert Malone
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Apr 28 at 7:18 AM
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In Praise of Nationalism and the Diversity of Nations
Robert Malone Address, 28 April 2024, Make Europe Great Again Conference, Bucharest, Romania
Robert W Malone MD, MS
Apr 28


In Praise of Nationalism and the Diversity of Nations

I come here today to praise nationalism and the diversity of nations as laboratories for innovation and adaptation to changing conditions.

There are many lessons that we can learn from the COVID crisis, but one of the key ones has to do with “what is globalism”. We toss this term around, we never seem to define it. It's as if it's amorphous beast. We can't put our hands around it. Globalism is central planning. Romania understands central planning. The former residents of the Soviet Union understand central planning. We understand the harm that comes from central planning, from bureaucrats determining our future, making decisions about how a nation state, an economy of people, should adapt to changing conditions.

Central planning is also associated with cultural homogenization, the drive to create one culture, which is basically driven in the current case by intentional destruction of diversity to reduce economic friction.

This globalization thrust is basically to support the agenda of transnational, globalist organizations, particularly corporations in their cooperative relationships with large transnational governmental organizations. This public private cooperation has a name. The name was given by Benito Mussolini. We know this name. The name is Fascism. We should call it what it is. One of the things that has happened throughout the COVID crisis, and throughout this entire process of globalization and harmonization, is the weaponization and perversion of language. We have to call things by their true names despite what that may imply or how the press may react to it. We are not far right. We are center right. The truth is that our opponents have become far left, but we allow press and corporate media to redefine language and demonize us as far right, but the truth is that they are the radicals. They are the far left. We have to refuse to allow them to capture and pervert our language. We must take it back. Language controls thought. It controls how we structure our understanding of the world.

The principle of subsidiarity demands decentralization. The ultimate component of a decentralized adaptive world is the family. We need to celebrate the family as the core of the principle and thrust of the concept of subsidiarity.

The weaponization of fear via propaganda to control people is unethical. We have seen repeated justification by academics and bureaucrats and governments and transnational organizations that the weaponization of fear is acceptable in the service of the overall public good as they define it. In the case of the COVID crisis in the service of public health, weaponization of fear is unethical, and it should not be allowed. It should not be tolerated. We must call it out when we see it.

Next point, we have a difficult fight ahead of us. This difficult fight is not going to be resolved with one election. It's not going to be resolved with the election of one politician. It's not going to be resolved with a change in leadership at the European Council. This has been developing for decades, at least a century in many cases, and it's not going to be resolved in the short term. We have a long term fight in front of us, which will require years of effort in fighting this fight.

Do not self-victimize and don't complain. I hear this again and again. This cry of poor me. It's such a hard job we face. There's so many obstacles. Our opponents are so entrenched, they're so powerful. They have so many forces. They control the media.

Stop whining. We have a fight. We have to fight that fight, and it does us no good to complain. It's a wonderful thing. What a wonderful thing to have a worthy opponent. It is the greatest gift in the world, and by God, we have a worthy opponent. We must not complain. We must not shirk. We must confront the evil that is ahead of us, and it is not going to be easy.

Fight for your future. Celebrate this opportunity to fight for your future. What a gift to have an opportunity at this point in time to make a difference. Celebrate it.

Social media developed by the US and enhanced by the UK intellectual community has been developed as a weapon by these intelligence communities. Make no mistake, social media as we know it. Facebook, Twitter- as it was formerly embodied. All of these social media tools are weapons. They are psychological warfare weapons. They were designed as weapons. They were designed and deployed in Arab Spring as weapons in order to facilitate regime change. Now, the shock came when Nigel Farage and his group caused Brexit, and that shock was further enhanced when Mr. Trump became President Trump and suddenly the United States intelligence community and the State Department and all the infrastructure that they control and exert efforts and control over Europe woke up and recognized that they had a problem. And that problem now extends to the populous movement here, which we represent as center right conservatives.

That challenge now represents an existential threat to NATO itself because if Europe wakes up to the techno-totalitarianism that is being imposed from Brussels, and it begins to exert the value of the independent nation state, there is a perceived risk by the US State Department and intelligence community that the European Union, that structure that has been created to hold a Europe together will dissolve. It will fragment, and if that fragments, NATO will fragment, and if NATO fragments, then the United States Foreign Policy Establishment believes that they will find themselves at a significant disadvantage in an increasingly multilateral world.

And that will result in a response from the US Intelligence community and State Department, in which they will feel justified to employ virtually any method in order to enforce and maintain the current status quo. Recognize that this is the case. I'm not advocating for the dissolution of the European Union or the dissolution of NATO. I'm reporting to you that this is the perception of the American and the five Eyes intelligence community, and they will do anything to avoid this consequence. They believe in a utilitarian model that anything goes in order to defend the current world order and the plans for the future that have been established.

As a consequence, psychological warfare technology is being deployed by governments. This is technology that was developed for offshore combat. NATO refers to this as a central tenant in its current plans. NATO calls it hybrid warfare, psychological warfare technology. An advanced technology is being deployed by governments and globalists on common citizens now because of the existential threat to the dissolution of the European Union, the perceived existential threat to NATO, and the need to maintain consensus by controlling all information in an increasingly multilateral world.

In response to the threat of China, Russia, the rise of the Middle East, the fall of the petro dollar, there is the perception that is necessary and adequate, acceptable to deploy psychological warfare technology on your citizens.

I argue this is fundamentally unethical. Psychological warfare technology as it is currently being deployed and has been developed can completely control all aspects of information which you receive, what you think, what you feel, what you hear.

In a world in which governments feel it is acceptable to deploy psychological warfare technology on their citizens, the concept of individual and national sovereignty becomes completely obsolete. We can argue about whether or not in-person voting or remote ballots or long periods allowing voting is enabling for voter fraud. This is completely irrelevant in the face of modern psychological warfare when it's deployed on your citizens, when everything that they hear, feel, think, believe, is being controlled through this tech, through social media, through established media, through all messaging; then the nuance of voting is completely irrelevant. Again, this is unethical. This is a breach of human rights. Humans have the right to access information in a democracy. This is fundamental to the social contract. How can we have a social contract when the citizens of nation states are not allowed the information to make informed decisions? That's where we're at right now, and it's justified because of the fear of this existential crisis. And this is evil as far as I'm concerned. This is a major breach of human ethics. We're disrespecting the ability of individuals to act as sovereign beings.

Furthermore, the deployment of propaganda and censorship blocks innovation and adaptation to change. Cultures cannot adapt; they cannot innovate if they don't have access to full, diverse, accurate information. This is the most important thing of all. We will become stagnant. Do we have examples of this type of stagnation? What happens when information is completely controlled? Romania knows the answer. The former Soviet Union knows the answer. Those that lived under Ceausescu know the answer. Those that lived under Salazar in Portugal know the answer.

We must have access to unrestricted information, and that means that we have to have free speech and freedom of thought. Now that comes at a price. It comes at a price of personal responsibility. It comes at a price that people will be potentially exposed to information that may be damaging, that they may find offensive. But if we refuse to allow them to have access to information and diversity of thought, we will prevent our ability as nation states and cultures to adapt to changing conditions.

And if there's one thing that we absolutely must have right now, it's the ability to innovate and adapt. That's how we escaped the Malthusian trap. All this fear of global warming and population growth; that's what this is all about. And the counter argument to the Malthusian argument is that humans adapt. Humans can change, humans can innovate. They can't innovate if all information is controlled.

States and cultures which resist propaganda, censorship, and weaponized fear have a competitive advantage. In a multilateral world, Romania should not apologize for advocating for autonomy. Independent European nation states should not apologize for going their own way and innovating. They must do so. They must do so because it will give them a competitive advantage.

I argue that independent nation states are the laboratory for innovation, cultural innovation, and political innovation and economic innovation. They have to be allowed to have sovereignty and autonomy. If you don't allow that, you will stifle the ability of the world to adapt to change. The best way to allow the world to adapt to change is by respecting the principle of subsidiarity.

Therefore, proceed without fear. Refuse to be a victim. Do not apologize and fight for life, freedom and sovereignty. Choose life, not death. Nigel Farage advises that we need a name for our movement. As far as I'm concerned, “Let's Make Europe Great Again”.

Thank you for your time.

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