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12/22/2020 9:08 pm  #1

China Commies subverting US corporations, like IBM??? Wow.

I guess you're being exposed as a traitor to America... PepsiCo, IBM, Mars Food, Dow Chemical all infiltrated by CCP loyalists (China Communist Party)… IBM sold early computing machines to the Nazis to process Jews for extermination
source: https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-12-22-pepsico-ibm-mars-food-dow-chemical-infiltrated-by-ccp-china-communist.html

"Most of the members in the database are from the country’s southeastern coastal metropolis of Shanghai. New York-headquartered tech firm IBM has at least two dozen Party units with 808 members in China."

IBM-- what a joke... your stupid political subversion will be the end of you... for sure. I'll be publishing this on my blog... and will never order IBM computers again... ever.

By the way, I never liked those Charlie Chaplin ads. Buster Keaton was better than Charlie Chaplin.



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