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1/12/2021 7:42 pm  #1

Russell & Hunter/JamesTHarris-- radio 550... great show today

FBI claims there will be protests in all 50 states... they're calling their hand as IF they're creating this event... Where in the hell were they 4 years ago when Trump was sworn in? We had Antifa downtown Washington the next day... JamesT and Russel/Hunter being flippant and humorous--- their style... but good talk...

Jan 20 will look stupid and like China... Biden won't even be in person sworn in... its virtual.. they're already saying don't come out in person... watch it on zoom or whatever... bizarre... ever since covid... this is how they intent to run their presidency... it's because of covid-- fake--

What was our part? Dems went ahead and did what they were going do anyway... Dems are putting a show on for next 9 days...



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