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1/18/2021 9:42 am  #1

Bill Cunningham radio ---> Points out how Jan 6 gathering a mistake

I agree with angry Great American Bill Cunningham every Sunday night-- on AM talk radio-- that the Jan 6 gathering of Trump supporters was a mistake. He's the only media guy I see making that poing. I don't agree with Bill on other points but just to be sure-- I DO agree with the mistake of Jan 6... and Bill raised another possibility... that Trump's 'edge' in awareness and sharpness was dulled after his covid treatment-- because how could ANYONE think that a rally AT THE SAME TIME as the Electoral Count Confirmation -- or whatever the JOINT SESSION was under vp Pence-- could have been a good idea? Why didn't Trump have his supporters stay home glued to the TV and cspan to watch this... like a big sporting event? THEN.,.. decide?  That gathering... I KNEW-- would be trouble-- I recall thinking to myself "I certainly would not go"... when an acquaintance of mine decided to go. I was also CONFUSED as to what was occuring on Jan 5 or 6... it didn't occur to me that they'd be outside the CAPITOL BUILDING--- AS the process was occurring.

Is Trump of right mind anymore? ... this was a bad mistake and the speakers should ALL HAVE BEEN AT HOME EATING POPCORN and WATCHING that JOINT SESSION on Cspan!!!! with ... commentary explaining it online.


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