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2/18/2021 7:52 pm  #1

Rick Potvin ---> Shouts out "It's a hoax!" to Fry's parking lot tests

As I drove into Fry's parking lot today, a big part of the lot I normally drive through was taken up with a dozen tents of covid testers and extra cars of duped sheep taking tests took my normal parking spots. As I drove in, I honked short repeated beep beep beeps.... to draw attention. I parked in another section and as I got out I cupped my hands around my mouth-- and belted out in my best baritone-- which actually worked surprisingly well to my self-amazement-- "ITS A HOAX!!!"... .and walked away. As I turned I heard someone repeat it as if someone asked what I shouted--- and hopefully, among the women, children and duped sheepoid males, someone-- maybe ONE guy or gal or kid understood that they're being duped.

I'm listening to Strauss's "DEATH AND TRANSFIGURATION" for the 10th time today as I write this... recalling my brave shout out to the truth today. I surprised even myself. But that's what happens when I take a shot of 5 hour energy in the morning.

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