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2/20/2021 6:54 pm  #1

Canada Anti-Fraud Center---> I'll report them to themselves

Rick says-- Watch me report the Canada AntiFraud Center to themselves for perpetrating the covid fraud. Hopefully the effect will be that they will self-destruct-- just as Captain Kirk was able to get a computer to self-destruct by proving that it, itself, was its own enemy via logical fallacy. This exercise might be the key to stopping technocracy/NWO/world-control systems. Technocracy seeks to save humanity by destroying humanity. I'm pretty sure it's run by a Self Aware Intelligence SAI-- as reported on SOTN.com... with willing human accomplices.

I cannot report the Canada Anti-Fraud Center to itself just yet because they don't make their email easy to get. Their contact information is circular and paradoxical. You have to log into something to get a key to verify that you are logging in-- to get a key to verify the log in... or something to that effect. Their contact system is typical of a non-human SAI... self aware intellligence or super a.i. ...


What better POETIC JUSTICE would there be for a non-human system that attacks humans to destroy itself? On it's own terms? Which is what I think can happen here. And it may be the ONLY way.

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