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3/06/2021 1:44 pm  #1

godgevlamste --->Rick's drawing of FlatWorldPlains outside CraterEarth

One of godve's vids I watched today... dealing with the last little ice age, the flood that created the current continents... and some references to pre-flood Tartarian buildings including the Capitol building in Washington DC... the changing of historical timelines around the time of the apparent Civil War-- a fake event.

I have not integrated Doug Vogt's 2046 oncoming ice age with godve's mini-ice age flood yet. Rolf Witzshe might make reference to cosmic changes including a magnetic reversal too, can't recall this instant... have to review. One thing is sure-- Doug Vogt is doing good work that applies to the newer model of godgav's flat earth and greater plane of plane-ettes... despite himself. The point of comparison I'll look at soon is Doug Vogt's vs. godgavlamaste's magnetic reversal phenomenon.

That last magnetic reversal is what gave us the mud flood-- maybe-- not sure... - but it ended up destroying Tartaria and the sky-voltage needed for the harvesting of energy with towers. Aaron Dover, however, claims that we're still harvesting sky voltage with power-lines... and I've witnessed higher voltage.. from the air using a voltmeter, myself.... at the local green-bed and pillow shop... where they sell earthing gear. I haven't been able to duplicate that one experiment because for some reason Girard, there, stopped cooperating with me.



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