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3/08/2021 2:23 pm  #1

Rolf Witzshe---> Critique of Larouche's NAWAPA that I think I showed

I think I introducted Witzshce to Larouche... around 2011 and this article is the first time I believe I've seen Wizsche critique Larouche... in 2021. Amazing. http://www.ice-age-ahead-iaa.ca/world_development.html

Witzshe has solutions for the oncoming ice age... that is consistent with Doug Vogt... who godgevlamste refers to. I just introduced Jon Levi to the problem of ice ages... as an answer for mud floods and previous civilizations.

Rolf credited me with the new label... haha. I was right.A note on the change of the title of this article
from "New World Development Project" to "Dynamic Ice Age Renaissance."As suggested by Rick Potvin (Australia):

Reality, as in "dynamic ice age reality" is bigger than the "world" because the world, as Lyndon Larouche writes, exists in 4 phase spaces: geosphere, biosphere, noosphere, and then Creator God. The world typically is thought of as geosphere and biosphere. But REALITY is human noosphere and God-Mind. So "Reality" is bigger and more inclusive than the World and we need Reality on that scale now. Ice Age Reality is going to kill us, but DYNAMIC reflects Greek Dynamis and Leibnitzian dynamics... human cognitive response.. dynamic reality. Thus, the title: Dynamic Ice Age Reality - DIAR (an easily memorable acronym). 

Posted By Rick Potvin to A Study of Writings of Rolf Witzsche and Lyndon Larouche at 9/21/2011 01:15:00 PMThe more I thought about it, the more it became apparent that "Reality" was too 'weak' a term in the title, that instead the term "Renaissance" would the best term to describe the dynamics of what is bound to be unfolding before us, and in may ways already has begun. The title, "Dynamic Ice Age Recovery", was suggested, but the term recovery, too, wasn't good enough. Recovering felt like seeking just enough strength and development to get through a crisis. Building a culture that is just barely strong enough to survive is not the kind of world that humanity should be content with for the next 90,000 years of the glaciation cycle before it. The term "Renaissance" promises a higher idea of culture than what has been achieved in the past, such as the Golden Renaissance that had uplifted the cultures of Europe more universally than anyone could have planned it as a cultural development project. And it did this by the dynamics of an unfolding humanity. While the term "Renaissance" may appear 'worn out' in our age, considering that the Golden Renaissance was crushed by a massive attack on it. Nevertheless it seems wise to use the term it in our age with a higher meaning attached, because the term "Renaissance" is the one term that most completely describes what lies before us. It is a universal term that has the power to transcend narrow nationalism, false environmentalism, ethnic and religious isolation and division, and so on, and also, by putting it in conjunction with the dawning Ice Age it offers up a paradox that begs to be resolved, which will resolve itself dynamically.Thus, the title: "Dynamic Ice Age Renaissance" came to be.


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