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3/11/2021 4:18 pm  #1

Divergent MrTruth----> An hour of buildings of old-civilization bldgs


For anyone, including MrTruth's consideration.... Possible wondering ...

1. How do you speculate water supply and sewage worked for all the floors in the buildings? No pipes and systems seem to be near them.
2. How is it possible that all architecture and design schools at all universities everywhere have failed to create analysis like yours?
3. Have you ever heard of design-blueprints being found anywhere for a single one of these buildings?
4. We might be in a continued age of destruction of these buildings right now!, do you think? Example: Obama and Israel bombing Syria. US bombing of Iraq.
5. Do you know of any careful reverse engineering and diagramming of an old era building as though managed by archeologists? Where ARE the archeologists? Are ALL of them ALWAYS compromised? If so , we live in a big sewer hole of total anti-academics beyond belief.
6. What books are these illustrations found in? Which library? Or did you find them already published online? By who? Why are they being uploaded?
7. If not a worldwide Tartarian culture, then what culture is this? Did NONE of them survive? Was their destruction brought by a solar flare, ice age, mud flood, starvation? Did they not realize they could escape to Bigger Earth?

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3/11/2021 4:28 pm  #2

Re: Divergent MrTruth----> An hour of buildings of old-civilization bldgs

RickPotvin54 1 second ago@Jerry Derecha Mr. Truth... Brazen. Good word. He has assembled some interesting material but I had to set his attitude-problem as well as raspy voice aside haha. Thanks for that. I just commented above that it's surprising that architects and archeologists have not gone down this path-- and uncovered what Mr. Truth is looking at here... As refined in their presentation styles are compared to Mr. Truth, they all missed it!   comment reposted at Rick Potvin's Interesting Topics forum  Ice Age: 2046 on Crater-Earth / Greater FlatWorld Plane & "Plane-nettes" / OldCivilization https://rickpotvin63.boardhost.com/viewforum.php?id=17

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