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5/23/2021 7:59 pm  #1

Larouche---> split between pub and pac.

 @LaRouchePAC Videos  I tried again & my browswer firefox tenfourfox that has not had any problems is not seeing larouchepac.com. I'm not suing an old link. I'm using larouchepac.com.... something is up here. Give me something else, preferably a website to compete with larouchepub who apparently kicked your guys out. I cannot find an explanation anywhere... I've paid $400/yr for EIR's and still have them. I deserve a better explanation. While I'm at it-- I have two bones to pick.... 1. that stunt you pulled with eat babies... and 2. Larouchepub going along with the vax. I'll be bearing down on these questions on my blog soon. ... when you refer to your "homepage" 3.... what are you talking about.. larouchpub has disowned you.

I demand an explanation and will publish results. I'm not very widely read but I get around. I still like your direction but we need to talk.


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