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12/29/2021 8:33 am  #1

RolfWitzche---> Acknowledged my coinage of DynamicIceAgeRenaissance


7/23/2022 3:02 pm  #2

Re: RolfWitzche---> Acknowledged my coinage of DynamicIceAgeRenaissance

Hi Rolf, do you have a quick answer for the drought in the southwest? I'm thinking that jet turbine engines can power pumps to move water in pipes from the Mississippi across to Arizona, Nevada and CA. On the matter of the coin ice age, I've been looking at Doug Vogt who says it'll hit in 2049 consistent with a solar nova event. More on that here. https://rickpotvin63.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=318

A few direct links to Doug Vogt here...
ideo Series 4. Causes of the Ice Ages & Polar Reversals. Part 1: Clock cycles that cause the reversals; https://youtu.be/bMr-5HHnAmU . Part 2: Proof Sun novas; https://youtu.be/PS_yq19Af-s . Part 2B: Proof all stars Nova; https://youtu.be/R2SolQPKlag . Part 3: The great flood; https://youtu.be/m-g4Xt-VVzA . Part 4A: Sea level changes; https://youtu.be/GD30QvUJfXQ . Part 4B: Meteors do not cause extinctions; https://youtu.be/7LmCyDp0RDI .

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